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Sistema de Planchado
SP-17 (New item) SP-07 SP-12 SP-16 SP-06

Function Plate size 650*245*12mm 650*245*12mm 650*245*12mm 790*290*18mm 570*220*12mm

Temperature range 60-220℃ 60-220℃ 60-220℃ 60-220℃ 60-205℃

Pressure 100PS 100PS 100PS 100PS 70PS

Steam capacity 15CC 15CC 15CC 15CC 15CC

Water capacity 300CC 300CC 300CC 300CC 300CC
Power Supply Power 1200W-1400W 1200W-1400W 1200W-1400W 1600W 1200W-1400W
Power cord 3GX1.0X2.4M 3GX1.0X2.4M 3GX1.0X2.4M 3GX1.0X2.4M 3GX1.0X2.4M
Package Measurement 715*255*655 715*255*655 710X265X580 875X260X645 630X260X590

40HQ 540 540 590 450 650

net/gross weight 10.8KG/12.8KG 10.8KG/12.8KG 10.8KG/12.8KG 17KG/19KG 9KG/10KG

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